Web-based React UI Development

We are Beamworks, a front-end development team located in Toronto, Canada.

We build and extend web-based React UIs for enterprises and startups in finance and healthcare. Our developers are local to North America and specialize in high quality UX-driven professional applications.

Web Development Services

Our team works closely with your design and product management staff and produces reliable high-fidelity and high-quality UI code. We can either extend an existing React-based codebase, or work in a dedicated front-end code repository, integrating with the backend code via REST or GraphQL.

Front-End Development

  • Enterprise forms, tables, calendar screens, wizards
  • Interactive visualization and widgets
  • Specializing in industry-standard React framework

Backend Integration

  • Java, Node.js, Django, serverless
  • DevOps integration, CDN and caching
  • Desktop UI, browser extensions

Enterprise Grade

  • Maintainability, best practices
  • Single sign-on, dashboards, reporting
  • Internationalization, accessibility

Advanced Custom Integrations

In addition to building enterprise user interface views (tables, forms, calendar screens), the Beamworks team is uniquely equipped to tackle advanced and uncommon integrations of Web technology:

  • desktop-native user interfaces – using the Electron platform, we built a downloadable app with embedded native third-party libraries (via the Node.js C++ add-on API)
  • server-side React for SEO-sensitive applications – we have production experience embedding React-driven display logic into server-side code for improved SEO and tracker integration
  • custom browser extensions for Chrome, Safari and Firefox – in-browser extension dropdown UI, and custom element injection into third-party web-apps like G Suite (Google Apps)

If you have a need for an advanced front-end integration or deployment channel, we would love to hear about it! Our solution staff is always happy to discuss unique architectural requirements and provide technical advice. Contact us to get started!


Beamworks is located in the heart of Toronto’s vibrant King West neighbourhood, a tech hub that hosts startup giants like Shopify and established brands like PayPal.

Steps away from the Financial District and the Toronto Island Airport, our address is:

545 King St West
Toronto, ON
M5V 1M1

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