We are Beamworks, a specialist software team located in Toronto, Canada. We deliver single-page application front-end development for business and healthcare. We work with the React web framework and prioritize high quality UX and visual output.

Modern front-end development needs not only classic software engineering experience but also a constant up-to-date immersion into latest Web technologies. Users expect a consumer-level experience and insist on support for diverse devices, from mobile to tablet to desktop. Cross-site scripting and other malicious injection mechanisms create a need for proper security vetting even on locked-down internal interfaces.

We work side-by-side with your internal technical resources to augment your existing deep business context with confident architecture guidance and well-honed front-end delivery. This helps avoid production pitfalls, quickly push features and prevent expensive rewrites.

For more details and individual case studies, please see our portfolio and project highlights.

Web Development Services

Our front-end development and software architecture specialties:

  • React/Redux front-end development
  • Backend integration: Node.js, Django, Java, WordPress, legacy services
  • Enterprise portal login, SSO, forms, notifications, legacy CMS embedding
  • Electron native desktop UI integration
  • Browser extensions and third-party app embedding
  • Multi-release, multi-language i18n pipeline, accessibility-ready
  • Mobile responsiveness and bandwidth optimization
  • State of the art development practices, Scrum/Agile workflow
  • Production deployment, SSL/TLS setup, CDN and HTTP caching, Apache/Nginx tuning
  • Developer coaching and mentoring

Custom Integrations

We have unique experience developing and packaging native desktop user interfaces on top of existing Web technology using the Electron platform. This includes embedding native third-party libraries into the displayed window using the Node.js C++ add-on module bridge.

For eCommerce and SEO-sensitive applications, we have production experience integrating rich display logic into traditional environments such as WordPress custom themes and other server-side templating.

In addition, we have built custom browser extensions for Chrome, Safari and Firefox that use React to display in-browser UI and inject custom elements into third-party web-apps like G Suite.

If you have a need for an unusual front-end integration or deployment channel, please reach out to us (see contact information below). We are always happy to discuss unique architectural requirements and provide upfront technical input.


We are located in the heart of Toronto’s vibrant King West neighbourhood, a tech hub that hosts startup giants like Shopify and established brands like PayPal. Steps away from the Financial District and the Toronto Island Airport, our address is 545 King St West, Toronto, ON.


Get in touch! To discuss your product team’s ReactJS front-end needs please contact our Technical Account Director, Nick Matantsev: